• Meat Draw / Super lotto / Tote / Bingo - From Friday 10th July we are starting the Meat draw, tote and super lotto but unfortunately Bingo is still on hold, but we are monitoring this and hope to start again very soon.


A warm welcome to the new Moordown Conservative Club Website. The committee recognizes the vital role they play in making the club, friendly, responsive and effective in helping their members connect to the club.

With this in mind we have taken the lead in launching our website so that our members know what the club has to offer with regular and new entertainment, coach trips, draws, bingo, sports teams and much more.

A Welcome from the President

Hello and welcome to the Moordown Conservative Club website.

The club is run by a dedicated team, consisting of a President, Chair, Secretary. Treasurer and up to nine committee members; one of whom is elected by the committee to be vice-chair.

All incoming and outgoing business of the club; is dealt with by the secretary; as committee discussions dictate and passed on via the chair.

All of the clubs financial matters; are dealt with by our Treasurer; who reports on all financial matters on a monthly basis.

We also have upto three trustees who are appointed for life.

There is also a benevolent committee consisting of a chair and six members; three from the general management committee and three club members. This committee keeps a watchful eye out for members who have been in hospital; and may need a little help or support; or maybe some flowers or just a card that lets them know we care.

Although we are not the largest club in the area; we pride ourselves; on our friendly atmosphere and warm welcome.

I’m proud to tell a little about the club; we have been a conservative club since 1881; and apart from being the oldest in the area; we are in fact; older than the ACC itself, which wasn’t founded until 1894.

The ACC is the Association of Conservative Clubs; and as a federation we hold regular monthly meetings; hosted by member clubs in our federation area. Here various ways of dealing with club business problems etc. can be discussed and resolved.

At Moordown we are quite a sporty club; we have skittles, snooker, pool and darts. We also have Cabaret nights, Sunday evening bingo, quiz nights, race nights, and meat and tote draws.

We proudly support the annual Macmillan coffee morning and other local charities.

I hope this gives you an insight into our club.

Thank you